Meet the team

There’s a total of 3 people that are currently active in the WTFCanada team, two guys and one gal. I’m the gal, hi there, my name is Mattie Stevens, and I’m the resident taekwondo expert. I’ve been practicing martial arts since I was about 10 years old. Seeing how I’m not 30, that means I’ve been learning how to kick-ass and take names for 20 years now. After watching a movie called “Only the Strong” from Marc Dacascos I recently got interested in capoeira. I’ll be writing in more detail about it in my future posts.



William Doucette, hi my name is Will and I’m the senior karate expert in the WTFCanada team. I got this position because I’m the only martial artist in the team that practices karate. I’m a 35 year old who lives in Toronto. While working on an assignment in Japan I got interested in karate and I’ve been practicing it ever since. This was almost 15 years ago now. Nowadays I work in a local do-jo and I write for WTFCanada. See you all in the comment sections.



Luis Parker, hello everyone. I’m Luis and I’m the new guy. Every group needs to have a new guy. I joined the WTFCanada team about 6 months ago. My role here is to reply to peoples questions and queries. If you ever sent a message to the website, I was the one to read it and send out a reply. So far I haven’t got into too deeply with my traininng but I’m hoping I will very soon. I have great teachers in Will and Mattie. Hope you like the website and come back again.